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Read ! "In a nut shell" at the bottom of this page.=

Report Card

Your top 5 reasons to choose a registrar should have a grade no lower than A-.


Reasons to/not to buy



 Buy a sub-domain name
Worthless, no one will ever find you. It's hard enough to remember one name, two.. not a chance. Can not take it with you. Register another name and use URL forwarding.


 Buy because of free 'under construction' page
No one will ever see it except you-search engines don't go their-need multiple pages.


Use a free sub-domain name 
It's worth what you paid for it. Register another name and use URL forwarding.


 Buy because of free hosting
To many strings attached. Register with they have webhosting available.


 Register for long term
 Register for one to ten years and lock in the savings.


Register with your web hosting company
You need to be sure you have control, this could be risky. Register with a registration service provider like  that lets you use your name anywhere you choose.


 Buy because of email
With a new domain name you can use email forwarding to secure a email address that can follow you forever.


 Register for 1 or 2 years / lock in a 10 yr price
 Try it for a year or two. Renew for more years after you have tried it or lock in the savings now.


 Register with a domain registration service provider (primary business)
They need you, you are their main business. Check their transfer charge/policy if you want to leave or sell. Best for complete control. Make sure that you can use your name anywhere you choose.


 Buy because of free parking
You need to park your domain while you are getting your site ready.


 Buy because of management and control of your domain name
A good domain management account insures control and makes life a lot easier.


Buy because of low fee
Prudent but not the governing factor.
Read Re-read! "abc's in a nut shell"
a You must be submitted to all the major search engines if you want people to find you.
bYou must have a web site, live/online before you submit to search engines, No under construction or coming soon.
cTo be blunt about it, 1st 'a' get the domain name, 2nd 'b' park it, 3rd 'c' get your site ready. Nothing else matters. (SEARCH NOW)
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